Ready Fur Love: Easter’s Dating Story


For one lucky person or family, Easter is coming early this year! And she is heading straight for your heart! We aren’t talking about the holiday, or even the Easter Bunny, but a beautiful young cat who has a real passion for all things nature. During her stay with Texas Humane Heroes, Easter eagerly greets all visitors and welcomes them with open arms. While the other cats will pine for your attention, she is just hoping you will join her on the catio to enjoy the fresh air, warm sun, and see how many different types of birds you can spot together. At just a mere 26 days past her first birthday, Easter is an old soul that isn’t hyper and playful like a normal kitten her age. She is hoping to find a family that is in touch with the simplicity of life and is nice and relaxed as she is. Are you ready to skip Christmas and head straight for Easter? She’s waiting for you! Meet Easter!


If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go?

“I would want to go to a national park with lots of tall pine trees that I can climb. I love being up high and watching the world move below me. I also get a better view of all the things that fly around in the sky from up there! The tranquility a forest has to offer is just so peaceful, how could anyone pass that up?”


What is your favorite object?

“My favorite object is my cat tree! I love climbing all over and hanging out on the top level. I’m hoping my next family will buy me the tallest one they can find so I can get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on with everyone. I also really enjoy being outside. While roaming free isn’t ideal, if you have a covered patio, you already won my heart.”


What’s your life goal?

“My life goal is to show people that when life gets tough, sometimes you just gotta take a step back, look at all the good things you have, take a deep breath, then move in a positive direction that will make you happy. I know I can bring a lot of people happiness by being their friend, and the best part is I’m one of those friends that doesn’t need constant attention. Just knowing you’re there and you will always have my back is enough for me.”