Ready Fur Love: Chloe’s Dating Story


Grab a slice of cheesecake and let us tell you about your new best friend. For you she will travel down the road and back again. Her heart is true, she’s a pal and a confidant. If you threw a party, the biggest gift would be from her. Chloe is the newest Golden Girl on the block and she wants nothing more than to sit around a table and offer advice, wisdom, and laughs. Just one month shy of her 8th birthday, Chloe has found herself looking for one, two, or even three best friends to go through life with. For those avid Golden Girls watchers, Chloe is all four characters in one dog, covering all 4 S’s, sophisticated, sassy, sexy, and sweet. Will she have you thanking her for being a friend? Meet Chloe!


How do you like to spend your days?

“I prefer my days to be easy and full of my favorite things- napping, pets, short strolls through the neighborhood, and, my absolute favorite, snack time! While I would love to sit down and eat cheesecake or delicious plates of homemade Italian food all day, I know that I’m not in my puppy years anymore and can’t eat anything and everything. That’s where the walks come in. I enjoy short strolls. Key word being short. Though, I would like to announce that I finished my first 5k this past Saturday. How much of it did I walk you ask? Well, let’s say I walked off the start line and then walked across the finish. The rest is irrelevant.”


Describe how you relate to the characters on the Golden Girls

“Well in the show Dorothy is the wise one, the one who is very sophisticated. I feel that’s me. I enjoy reading novels and poetry from well known writers. I would also kill at Jeopardy, but I would actually be on the show because America would love me. Sophia is very spunky and so am I. I don’t have time for childish games and will put those younger canines in place, letting them know who’s really running this hen house. Blanche is the sexy character and let me tell you, when I wag my tail, it has all the boys running to the yard. Rose is the sweet one who I identify with the most. I am so happy to meet all new people and see the good in everyone. I always have a smile across my face and hope that I can put one on yours, too.”


What’s your life motto?

“‘The older you get, the better you get. Unless you’re a banana.’ -Rose Nylund. Rose may have been naive, but she was spot on with that. At almost 8 years old, I am a better me now than I was back then! Now I just need to find someone to come see that for themselves.