The Dogmom Diary: Dog Guilt

It’s happened to us all.*

We’ve left the dogs at home longer than planned because work or fun.

We’ve planned a trip out of town and they had to stay in the kennel.

We’ve ended up on a patio for dinner but the dogs were left behind.

Result? Dogowner guilt.

We know they were waiting on the walk you promised them when you left the house.

We know they strongly dislike the kennel (or at least when we are around they don’t like it) and are wondering if you’re ever coming back.

We know they would’ve loved the attention from those at the restaurant petting the other dogs there.

You can’t escape the feeling when you’re leaving and they give you that puppy dog look. That look like they may not live if they lose sight of you. The whimper, the low hanging head, that look of disappointment. Oh my gosh I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

Ok, ok. Yes I know this may be a little dramatic.

So really, what do you do?

  1. I remind myself that distance is ok. Just like you’re not going to be around your roommate, parents, significant other, whomever you live with, all the time – you won’t be with your animals all the time. Give them proper amount of food and water with a comfy bed and safe toys and they will be happy. Access to a window is fun too – squirrel?!?!
  2. Spoil the crap out of them when you can. I mean love on them, take them for walks, bring them when you can and maybe even sneak them some treats. They just want ALL of the love!
  3. Form a dog tribe. Yep. Dog tribe. You have friends that have dogs too. Have them help you when you’re traveling or planning to be away from the home for a while. There are also services that provide this kind of support. The money (or 6-pack of beer) is worth it!!

What ideas do you have to keep your dogs loved and you okay with living your life from time to time?

*Sidenote. If you do any of the things listed in the first list on the regular…you may not be ready to own an animal. Read this to see if that is the case for you. [This linked to blog about owning a dog]