Ready Fur Love: Blue’s Dating Story


True country folk are hard to come by nowadays. Everyone wants to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a big city and is attached to technology like it’s a lifeline. Every once in awhile you’ll come across a true country boy and right now, that boy’s name is Blue. Blue Enjoys his playtime, but when it’s time to settle down, he is perfectly happy hangin’ out on the couch or on the front porch enjoying a cool bowl of water, sitting next to his person. He enjoys the olden days of when a dog was a dog and life was simple. He doesn’t need the fancy collars or the trips to the spa, just a big yard to run and a family he knows will always be there for him.

Blue is an independent guy who wants to steal the heart of a family who is just as laidback as he is. Do you live the simple life? Do you like the company of dogs but aren’t looking for the needy and clingy relationship? Do you have an open dog bed that you’re looking to fill? Blue has it covered. Meet Blue!
Describe your perfect family.

“My perfect family is one that is simple like me. I prefer the laid back lifestyle, so one that is high energy just isn’t for me. Simple to me definitely isn’t boring, though. I would make a great sidekick, jumping in the truck and going with you on your daily errands and spending an hour or so running and playing. I am very smart so taking scent work classes would be a lot of fun. I think I would also make a great hunting dog if you’re into that, I just might need a little getting use to the loud sounds first.”
What’s your favorite season?

“My favorite season is definitely fall. It’s not blazing hot anymore, but the perfect temperature. Life seems to become easier. Hiking and camping are great outdoor activities, and tailgating for the college football game is a must. I would enjoy all of those things! I also heard it’s hunting season. I think I would make a great hunting partner, I just might need some time getting use to the loud noises.”
The State Fair is coming up, what’s your favorite part?

“The best part about the State Fair is all the good food and watching the concerts! Nothing says fall like going to the fair and eating deep-fried food while listening to your favorite band!”