Ready Fur Love: Juliette’s Dating Story

September is here and we are only 3 months away from the end of the year– can you believe it?! This month we are heading up north to Dallas to celebrate the lives saved from this area with Texas Humane Heroes as well as the State Fair! Who doesn’t love a good fair and, mostly, who doesn’t love Texas?! For all those who are new to our adventures, all through 2016, we are featuring different festivals each month that take place in or near a city we help with overcrowding, so welcome and we hope you enjoy the ride as we introduce you to this week’s Bachelorette!


Some Juliettes will spend their whole lives waiting for someone named Romeo to come sweep them off their feet. Well while they sit and wait for that to happen, our Juliette is more proactive about finding her perfect person, and they definitely don’t have to be named Romeo! Juliette is a very sweet and loving girl who will show affection at the drop of a hat. She is ready to leap into your arms and cover your face with loving licks when you walk through the door. Like any true Texas girl, she likes to put on her boots and grab her cowgirl hat and head out for some two-steppin’! Will she do-si-do her way into your heart? Find out now! Meet Juliette!


Describe your ideal home.

My ideal home is one that is okay with a super loving relationship. I always have my happy feet on and I love to lick my person’s face all over. I love to be pet and have my ears scratched. Sometimes I’m so happy about being loved on that you may get a few love bites from me. It’s not hard, I just love you that much! My ideal home will also be a laid back home because that’s the kind of cat I am. If I’m not getting love, you can usually find me hangin’ out on my cat tree.


What’s your favorite thing to do at the fair?

My favorite thing to do is eat, of course! What else would you go there for? There are so many delicious eats to be had that I don’t eat all day just so I can try more when I’m there. Have you heard of the Chicken Pot Pie Pocket with Mac n’ Cheese Dip? How can you go wrong with chicken and cheese!? Then finish that off with some deep fried cookie fries, mmm mmm MMM! So much fried deliciousness– I can’t wait!


What do you like to do with your spare time?

When I have some down time, I like to gossip with my girlfriends about what’s been going on with our lives. Then take a few cat naps throughout the day. I don’t like the always-on-the-go lifestyle, so when I can take it easy, I do.