Ready Fur Love: Ahi’s Dating Story


Aloha, and welcome to a new month! It might sound a little funny saying ‘Aloha’ in November and with the next festival not being island themed, but there is a reason we did, promise. As we finish our journey across the state, and it being the month of thanks, we wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for following along on our big adventures while we continue saving lives across Texas. This month we are headed to New Braunfels as it is the middle ground for the partner shelters we have in Austin and San Antonio. This time we are celebrating The Wurstfest! Does anything go better with the feeling of fall than drinking ice cold beer and noshing on German food? Well, maybe for some, but we don’t think so! So while you slip on your lederhosen, we are going to introduce you to a girl who is stuck on island time!

Ahi (Now see the ‘Aloha’ reference?) is a beautiful girl whose shiny black coat reminds you of the black sand beaches on Maui. He laid back lifestyle mimics that of native islanders and is where her heart truly belongs. She enjoys every day like she’s on vacation and takes advantage of it to the fullest. While living on a faraway island might be her first choice, she wouldn’t mind living anywhere time can just slow down, including the snowy Alps in Germany where she can curl up in front of the fire on a faux fur rug. If you live every day like a vacation, then Ahi is the girl for you! Meet Ahi!


What’s your favorite season?

“My favorite season is probably spring. It gives relief from the cold winter before and when all the flowers begin to bloom. I can lay in the sun to warm myself and not be drenched in sweat or freezing my tail off. It’s pretty perfect. Plus, it’s the purrfect time to pull out that new bathing suit.”


Describe your perfect life?

“I live a very easy life. I’m not in any rush and I enjoy taking things easy. I’m not one of those super active people that always has to do new things and see new places. I’m totally content hanging out in one place. When lounging at home, I prefer to look for the softest spot to lay. Luxury is my number one when it comes to comfort. I need soft and plush so I’m hoping my new family can surprise me with a bed that gives me both. I also enjoy getting lots of pets and scratches. You may even get a kiss or two when you’re done. My one thing is, please don’t pick me up. I’m not a kitten.”


What’s your life motto?

“‘Love gives life within.’ I’m looking forward to finding my true love.”