The Dogmom Diary: I’m Grateful for My Furbabies

The Dogmom Diary: I’m Grateful for My Furbabies

Hello. It’s me.

Yes, it’s been some time since my last blog. We have had some good and bad adventures in my household lately and I needed to take some time off. BUT, I’m so happy to be back blogging in one of my favorite months of the year – November.

This is the month everyone stops to say thank you and to feel grateful (well hopefully!!!). In my opinion, these moments of gratitude are so needed this year. With everything happening around us right now, I feel strongly that an attitude of gratitude is what can keep you centered.

So today I want to share my gratitude for my furbabies.

I think Roger Caras said it best, “dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

As I’ve mentioned before, I inherited my love of dogs from my Aunt Dot aka Dottie Pottie. She showed me how happy life could be with four-legged babies.

I’m now one of “those girls” that when a puppy/dog walks by I stop everything to say hello. It’s one

of a few actions in my life I take not caring what anyone, and I mean anyone, thinks about me. That moment of joy I have petting and talking to a puppy can make anything better or further enhance my happy state.

I’m beyond lucky to have my two furbabies Bruiser and Drifter. I seriously can’t be mad around them. I CAN be sad around them but some cuddles from them makes the tears go away faster than without.

I’ve never had anyone in my life so happy to see me like they do. Well that may be a bit of a fib because my people are equally amazing, but you get my point.

Coming home to those tails wagging and barks of pure joy, oh man it just fills my heart to the rim. They aren’t my whole life, but dang I can’t imagine life without my furbabies. They will never know how much I love them or how much of my heart they hold.

I can only do my best to show them through cuddles, play and love. I hope from those actions they know how amazing they are and how much they are loved.

I challenge you to take the time this month and truly feel gratitude for what you do have, no matter the state of your current affairs. And if your most grateful for your puppies, make sure to give them an extra cuddle or walk or treat. I’m sure they will love it!