Ready Fur Love: Franz’s Dating Story


We can’t say it enough, chicks dig older guys. Franz is no exception. He’s got total dad bod and the sophisticated salt and peppered look. And who doesn’t love a blonde? His young party days are over, which we know a lot of people look for in a new pet. Instead of doing toilet bowl stands, or laps around the backyard, all he wants to fill his days with is good conversation and some leisurely strolls in nice weather. He is a great companion to enjoy the simple things in life with. At 7 years old, going on 8, he never expected to find himself without a home at this point in his life, but this time, he’s really going to put himself out there and find the one where he can spend the best years of his life.

Not only has Franz found himself homeless, but also with heartworms. When it rains, am I right? He’s trying to stay positive thought and thinks this is the perfect opportunity for a family to give him a trail run. See, heartworms is dangerous but it isn’t contagious to people or other pets. Those dern mosquitoes pass the parasite along. The good news is Texas Humane Heroes pays for the treatment, all we need from you is a calm environment and soft bed while the medicine does it’s work. Franz thinks being in a foster home is the best news! Not only can he receive his treatment to feel better, but he can also see if he and his new family fit perfectly! What do you say? Wanna heal this boy’s heart from heartworms and loneliness?  Meet Franz!


What do you like to do for fun?

“Well, I would much rather spend my time with humans, discussing current events such as investment opportunities in pooper-scoopers or time shares in pet friendly hotels rather than at an overactive dog park. I also enjoy going to orchards and picking my own fruit to use in homemade gourmet dog treats. That sounds like splendid good fun to me!”


If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

“I have always wanted to visit Germany! I mean my name says it all! I think Oktoberfest sounds like a grand time and feeling the chill weather and beautiful forest scenery would be a welcomed change from our typical Texas weather. I would make a great travel companion and I promise to will let you have the window seat on the plane.”


What is your favorite food?

To keep with the spirit of wanting to travel to Germany, I would have to say a big, delicious bratwurst on a toasted bun. Mmm, Mmm, Mmm. Maybe even some of those soft pretzels. If you want to start a new Thanksgiving tradition, I’m totally in.”