Ready Fur Love: Tetris’s Dating Story

Many of us grew up playing the game Tetris, working hard to fit the pieces together before running out of options or time. While your parents may have said you were wasting your time and melting your brain, you’ve probably put your sweet skills to use in everyday life more than you realize. Especially if you’ve ever loaded a moving van. This week’s bachelorette is named Tetris! Not because she’s master of the game, but because saving her life was a puzzle and a race against time. While in for her routine spay surgery, during recovery, Tetris stopped breathing and team members had to breathe for her. The veterinarian then reopened her and found she had a Diaphragmatic Hernia. This is when an abdominal organ moves into the diaphragm and is usually caused by trauma from a forceful blow. Had Tetris’s hernia gone undetected, she most certainly wouldn’t have made it with how severe her case was.

Now, Tetris is feeling great and back to her old, playful self! You will never meet a more friendly and outgoing girl. At 5 months of age, she knows no enemy. From the second she lays eyes on you, she is all purrs. She is loving and affectionate with humans, cats, and even canines, putting that dog-cat enemy myth to rest. Now she waits for her forever home to come and whisk her off to her happily ever after of playtime and a bunch of pets and love. Is your favorite game Tetris? Well, now she’s your favorite cat! Meet Tetris!


What is the best gift you’ve ever been given?

“I love toys and was given this one that people tell me is shaped like an owl. I don’t know what an owl is, but I know that this is by far my all time favorite toy! I carry it around with me everywhere or grab it in my mouth and shake it! It’s so much fun and I hope I have it forever! I do love most furry toys, but at least you know that’s one less you have to buy for me? I also recently discovered zippers. While meeting one hooman, she was wearing an open jacket. I loved playing with the zipper! I was feeling so frisky my tail got puffy and everything! So beware, if you are wearing a jacket, I might make a game out of it!”


Describe your perfect family.

“My perfect family is one that will love to spend time with me! I love spending time with people so having someone to play with is ideal! Even if the human is away from the house, having another cat or friendly dog to keep me company would work just fine! Though the hoomans tell me I’m healing really well, sometimes I get a little sore so someone who is gentle with me would be best.”


What do you want for Christmas?

“My Christmas list to Santa Paws is long but I think as a pet it’s fair. At the top of my list is a family, of course. It wouldn’t be a good Christmas without one to love and cozy up to by the fire. Coming in at a close second is a catio so I can go outside and still be safe! I know that may be asking a lot, but I just love being outside and I think it would be the perfect family project! This definitely isn’t a make or break deal, though. If a catio isn’t something my new family will have, I will be just fine. They are more important anyways. Lastly, just a whole bunch of new toys! I love to play!”