Ready Fur Love: Laelias’s Dating Story


The holidays are starting and what better way to celebrate than with a new family member! And it just seems that cats go hand-in-hand with all those pretty Christmas decorations. While constantly picking up knocked over (sometimes even broken) figurines, it just wouldn’t feel like the holidays without it. Right? Or are we alone here? If you find it endearing how a cat can find fun in all the festivities instead of it cramping your style, then we have a little lady who is eager to meet you! Laelias is travel-sized for your convenience but packs a punch in the personality department. She oozes charm and is friendly with everyone she meets. While most lady cats are lounging or primping, Laelias is looking for adventure and always ready for a good time! Does she sound like the cat’s meow? Meet Laelias!


What is the best part of the holidays?

“All the new toys! And by toys, I mean what you humans call ‘decorations’. They are more sparkly, more bright, and more fun to knock off that tree. Also, that tree itself is amazing! I can climb in it for excitement, or I can lay underneath it for a nice winter snooze and feel so cozy. It puts my cat tree to shame, I don’t know why you humans don’t keep it up all year! I also enjoy all the delicious food! So many tasty dishes to feast on, like fresh turkey or roast beast! I mean, beef. I know we leave milk and biscuits out for Santa Paws, but can we get an extra dish of milk for me?”


What’s your favorite holiday movie?

“Definitely ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’! It’s my favorite! I love seeing the dog as a reindeer! I also like how the Grinch starts out mean but then realizes how being friendly and loving is so much better than being… well, Grinch-y! Happy is always better.”


What do you think is the best present?

“I think I’m the best present! I’m fun and friendly, playful yet still a great cuddler, what more can you ask for!? If you are looking for something to wrap up in a bow and place under the tree, I’m your girl. I’ve been waiting a while now, but I think now is a perfect time. I would love to be the one to end your year on a positive note and begin a new one with you.”