Ready Fur Love: Missy’s Dating Story


Happy New Year! 2016 has been an amazing year and we are happy to celebrate all the animals saved and adopted! Many are planning their New Year’s Resolutions currently with goals of taking their goals to the next level. We have one girl who is no exception and has her eye on the prize to make 2017 her best year yet! Though the holidays were lonely for Missy, she keeps her head held high knowing that the best is yet to come. Missy is a sweet girl but is still learning that saying hi to a stranger isn’t as scary as it may seem, and each day she is making progress. There are a lot of treats in the world, and without the help of people, Missy would miss out on some of life’s best indulgences. So without having to be said, the best way to put this shy gal at ease is through her stomach.


Being given someone’s kindness is a gift that not many forget and Missy is one of them. In a big, scary world, being shown love is the only thing she asks for. Missy is hoping to start her year with a family that will never give her anything but love. She is loyal and the perfect friend for those who may be feeling a little lonely themselves. Are you ready to make 2017 the best year ever? Meet Missy!


What are your goals for the New Year?

The best thing about the start of a new year is knowing that, even if you didn’t get to accomplish your goals last year, you still get to keep trying. You always get another day to keep working towards a better you. My goals aren’t year-long goals, but life goals. I will always be working on myself to be the best I can be. Just in these past few months, I have learned that all the people I have met are very nice and I warm up to them much quicker. I have now met many great people who are good friends of mine. Now I just hope to find my forever person and they are willing to take a chance on me, as well.


What do you think the best way of getting to know someone is?

I think the easiest way of getting to know someone is to meet in a quiet place so it’s one on one and not having to compete to be heard in a loud environment. I enjoy going on long walks through the park or even in just a quiet room. Talking together and discussing some of our favorite activities. I enjoy learning new things, so having someone who can teach me would be great.


How do you like to have fun?

My favorite thing to do is host an elegant dinner party with great food, great friends, and great food. I’m an excellent party-planner and the tiniest details perfected. I’m social but not looking to go to a rager every night. Just a simple night with friends is the best kind of night for me.