Ready Fur Love: Abby’s Love Letter

January 12, 2017


Dear Future Family,

Sometimes your days can feel ruff. Maybe they just aren’t going the way you hoped or planned. While you walk the streets looking for a friendly face only to find everyone is staring down at those silly square things they are always holding, poking, or pressing against their faces, know that you can always count on me to give you that smile you are looking for. The second you walk through that door, everyone better move out of the way ‘cause I’m running full speed to see you! And once that butt wiggle starts, there just ain’t no stopping it!

I imagine us spending tons of time outdoors playing lots of games. Are you social? I love meeting new people, other canines, and even cats! I prefer to keep things drama free so I’m always willing to roll over if that means no one gets cranky. If you’re looking for a human partner, I will make the perfect wing-lady because no one can resist this Pittie smile. We can play the game where you “accidentally” drop my leash. Let me just run up to this person while you catch up to me. *Wink Wink*

I have met lots of nice people but none of them have been the perfect fit. I don’t want to rush you or anything, but I’m getting kinda lonely so the sooner you come the better! You don’t want anyone stealing me away from you, anyways, right? Then come on by! Don’t worry about missing me, I will call for you the second I see you.

Forever Yours,