Ready Fur Love: Butters’ Love Letter


January 19, 2017

Hello Human,

It’s me, Butters, the best cat you have yet to meet, which is rather foolish on your part, if I do say so myself. You may have read about me before. My name use to be Adriano, but I think Butters’ is more fitting since I’m a smooth fella with a creamy colored coat. Unfortunately, I have been waiting for you since May. That is much longer than I expected. The good news is, I am currently in a foster home which has been pretty cool. I get lots of love and I hang out with some pretty cool cats. One of my roommates is my best friend. While I would like to be best friends forever, I know when I go home with you, our friendship may end. I might even be an only child and that’s okay. When one door closes another opens and this door will be to you, my new forever family. Of course, if you do have a cat I am definitely open to being their pal, too. I won’t even mind a canine in the house. They are okay.

As my future family, I’m hoping you carry with you some important traits. I have lots of love for you and I like affection but don’t get crazy. If you are fluent in cat, I don’t think there will be an issue. I enjoy your attention and love but sometimes it can be a little too much, ya know what I mean? So sometimes I just want to chill on my own or with my pals. Also, could you have a cat tree waiting for me when I arrive? I could play on one all day and I’m not exaggerating. It’s the best. Throw in a few cat toys and I’ve died and gone to kitty heaven. Of course, if you have a closed in patio that would just sweeten the deal. I’m adventurous, playful and loving, yet independent. Everything every cat person looks for. So push back from the computer or put down your phone because it’s time for you to pick me up now. I’ve waited long enough and now I’m ready to be home with you.