Shelter Dog, Rose, Diagnosed With Cancer Looking For Loving Hospice Home

UPDATE: Rose has found her foster hospice home!

3-year-old Rose is as sweet as can be and seems like your average happy-go-lucky dog. She was even in a foster home during Foster Fun Fest, July 3-6, and did fantastically! We learned that she gets along well with cats and kids. She’s potty trained, enjoys walks, cuddles, and LOVES treats (especially peanut butter). She’s great on a leash and doesn’t seem to be bothered by other animals. She of course gets her adorable zoomies but seems to have a calm personality. Overall, Rose is a perfect dog for any home.

No one ever suspected that she had an illness. However, a few weeks ago, a staff member noticed her sweet and gentle eyes were completely bloodshot and her lymph nodes were very enlarged.

The Next Steps

TXHH Medical Director and licensed veterinarian, Dr. K, examined her and sent her lymph node aspirates off for testing. She had a suspicion that it could be cancer, but we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. A few days later we received the news that Rose has lymphoma, a cancer of the lymph nodes. Dr. K has diagnosed her with only one to four months left to live. The good news right now is that the medicine she gets is working and she’s very comfortable, but this is only buying her time. At this stage, there is nothing we can do for her, except to give her the greatest last few months that she deserves.

Rose’s Journey to A Loving Foster Home

Four months. Just four months with this sweet and loving pup. Of course, we hope that we’ll have more time, but for now, we are hoping to find her a perfect foster so she can spend her last moments in a home environment. This will be tough on everyone, but Rose doesn’t even know what’s happening. Rose is just happy to be given more attention. Happy to be given extra walks and cuddles. Happy to stay in our main office. Happy to exist.

We want to make her last few months the best she’ll ever have. We will be able to provide all the medicine needed to keep her comfortable, but we are desperately searching for a foster who will be able to look after her more and give her frequent cuddles. If you are interested in fostering this angel, please reach out to us at