Pet Holidays Galore: “DOGust” is Here!

DOGust is Here
Photo Cred: Totes Pets


It’s “DOGust!” August is jam-packed with pet holidays, and despite its nickname, cats are definitely not excluded! But we’re going to focus on the dogs for this blog; you can read about the cat holidays of August here!


DOGust is Finally Here! Kicking off “DOGust” is the Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs on August 1. We have a lot of birthdays to celebrate, so be sure to check out our Facebook post for an over-view! This day, as its name implies, is a day to celebrate the birthdays of shelter dogs who may not get their yearly celebration, or for dogs whose birthdays are unknown.


On August 15, we celebrate National Check the Chip Day! As you may remember, July was National Lost Pet Prevention Month, and the best way to ensure you and your furry friend can be reunited is through microchipping. It’s important to make sure your pet’s microchip is not only still functional, but has your updated information on it. If you still have your pet’s microchip information, call or visit the website of the company your pet is microchipped through, give them your pet’s microchip number and check to make sure the information associated with the microchip is current and accurate. If you don’t know who your pet was microchipped through, or you don’t know your pet’s microchip number, stop into your local veterinarian and ask if they can scan your pet to get the number. If they can’t identify the company associated with the microchip number, you can use a site like Pet Microchip Lookup to find out.

The next is International Homeless Animals’ Day, which is a special day to Texas Humane Heroes, as our DOGust is Finally Heremission is to eliminate pet homelessness! Each year, thousands of pets escape or are abandoned. If you’ve ever find yourself struggling to provide care for a pet, the Animal Humane Society suggests really thinking over the situation and identifying the problem before abandoning or surrendering your pet. Check out their “Alternatives to Surrendering Your Pet” article for more information. Lastly, if you haven’t done so already, it is important that you get your pets spayed/neutered. If you are unsure about getting your pet altered, check out “Understanding Spay and Neuter” by BestFriends Animal Society. Getting your pet fixed will prevent hundreds of other pets from ending up in shelters. Twice per week, Texas Humane Heroes offers a Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic, so if you live in the area, consider making an appointment to get your pet altered.

The last holiday of August is National Dog Day. While we definitely want to use this day to cherish the dogs we have in our homes, we also want to highlight the many animals who spend their days in kennels, the ones who are waiting to find the perfect family that they too can celebrate this day with. If you’ve been thinking of bringing a dog into your home, this may be the day for you! We highly suggest adopting your dog from a shelter or adoption center – these dogs have so much love to give, but they can be easily overlooked. This would also be a great day to donate! We at Texas Humane Heroes are always accepting donations; old sheets and towels, toys, food bowls, cleaning supplies – you name it, we can probably use it. For more information, check our Supplies Wish List!

We hope your “DOGust” is full of fun for you and your furry friends!