DOGust: Not Just for Dogs but Cats, Too!

Dogust: Not Just for Dogs

It may be “DOGust,” but that doesn’t mean we want to exclude our feline friends! Despite its nickname, August features both a national and an international cat holiday.

The first of the three holidays is International Cat Day coming up quickly on August 8! This day is not only to show love and appreciation for the cats in our care, but to spread awareness for the cats around the world who are in need of homes. We know we talk about spaying/neutering pets often, but it’s important to understand that if we do not take on the responsibility of spaying/neutering cats, the already out-of-control worldwide population will continue to grow. According to a graphic posted by Cats Herd You, over the course of nine years, what was once a happy cat couple can turn into over 11 million homeless cats.

DOGust: Not Just for DogsIn a moment we will go over toys and treats you can surprise your kitty with on this special day, but first let’s go over how you can help stray cats and kittens.

Sources will argue as to whether or not you should feed stray cats, and both sides make good points. If you intend to catch the stray and to take to a local shelter, feeding is a good way to gain trust and safely get them into a carrier, but feeding strays can also lead to them leaving droppings and urine around the area which could possibly contain diseases. According to Feral Cat Focus, caring for and managing a feral cat colony is a long term, year round commitment – if you cannot commit, you should avoid engaging with feral cats.

If you find a litter of kittens, avoid touching them right away. First look around to see if their mom is hiding somewhere. If the kittens look especially young, you may want to grab a towel or warm water bottle to help regulate their body temperature.

For more information, check out PetFinder or AAAnimalControl. If you find yourself in a bind, it’s best to call your local shelter – they would be happy to help you answer questions and could possibly provide you more resources on what to do with your strays.

Now, onto how you can show some extra love to your sweet feline! Although it may seem like cats are content with never moving from their perch, many love to get a little extra enrichment or play time. If you finish up a roll of toilet paper or paper towels, try making one of these fun DIY cat toys! And you know that cats love boxes, so if you order a package for yourself, you know your kitty would love something to curl up in – or you can turn it into a cat house!

You know your cat best, so stop by the store and pick up a bag of their favorite treats to remind them how much you love them. If you’re feeling daring, you can also try one of these tasty homemade recipes!

No matter what you do, just make sure you that you show you sweet feline how much you adore having them around!

DOGust: Not Just for Dogs!August’s second cat-centric holiday is on the 17th – National Black Cat Appreciation Day. This is a day in which we work to eliminate any superstition and negative connotation associated with black cats! A cat’s fur color has nothing to do with the amount of luck they bring, and as it is now 2018, it would be nice if we could overcome the prejudice against these loving little fluff balls. We hope to highlight several of our own black cats here at Texas Humane Heroes on this day, so be sure to check out our Facebook for their photos! If you or any family or friends are interested in adopting a new kitty, consider a black cat! If looking to adopt any new pet, personality should be what helps you pick the right one. Like people, every animal is an individual with different personality traits. The ones you might not expect to be a good fit could actually be your purrfect pet! 

While these are August’s two cat related holidays, “DOGust” contains a couple of ambiguous pet holidays, so feel free to read about them in our “DOGust” blog post!