Fall/Winter 2013 Lookbook Is Here!

It’s that time of year again. Texas Humane Heroes has released their biannual Lookbook – a showcase of dogs and cats currently available at the shelter. This is the third fashion-forward feature to highlight some of the hippest and most adorable members of THH, and it promises to be as successful as the last two.

The original idea came from Emily Walker, one of the creative people on our marketing team.  “She was inspired by the Lookbooks that are sent out seasonally by fashion houses, displaying their new fashion lines and featuring that season’s ‘look.’ She suggested we do the same with our long-term animals — which are fortunately ALWAYS in season!” said Ariana Delbar, Marketing Committee Co-Lead. Along these lines, the animals that get into the book are the ones who might otherwise be overlooked.

The goal of the shelter is always to get animals adopted, but the Lookbook takes it a step further. Certain animals are typically the last to get adopted. For example, cats that are black, dogs that are big, and any canine or feline who is getting along in years.

Texas Humane Heroes’s marketing team is directly involved with the project, headed by Ariana.

“The Lookbook is a unique idea, and I support any campaign that makes Texas Humane Heroes stand out. The goal is to have signature campaigns that the community instantly recognizes as Texas Humane Heroes, and they feel compelled to take action whether it be to come see our animals, adopt, donate or volunteer,” explained Adoption Marketing Manager Kristen Huguley, who modeled with Queenie the cat.

The models were made up mainly of volunteers and friends of the shelter. This time, local photographer Emilie Baros of Emilie Anne Photography added her talent to create the beautiful shots. Each animal was brought out one at a time and styled with something particularly dashing, sometimes to match with her human model. Some of the animals were truly born to be in front of the camera, while others fussed a little before settling in. But each pup and cat got a chance to strut his stuff in the makeshift studio inside the shelter’s office building.

The Lookbook, which includes a choice photo and short bio, allows these animals to shine, and there has been a 100% adoption rate in past issues. Continue the trend by taking home a pup or cat from the Lookbook, or any of the other pets at the shelter, today.