Meet Ellie!

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Meet Ellie! She was brought to our shelter at about 4 weeks old, after her mother had been hit by a vehicle. She came to us dirty, hungry, and absolutely covered in fleas — but still purring and so happy to be petted and held.

In her foster home she quickly put on weight and became a spunky, happy, brave little kitten. She gets along very well with the adult cats in her foster home, and would probably be just fine with dogs as well as she isn’t afraid of anything. She loves to play chase – with her cat and human friends alike – and loves toys. One of her favorite toys is a plastic spoon, which she’ll chase all around the kitchen tiles for hours.

She loves being petted, but isn’t a lap cat quite yet – there are too many things for her to do and see and sniff! However, as bonded as she is with people, she’ll probably learn to come to her human for snuggles as well as playtime.

Ellie has the cutest meow her foster mom has ever heard – it sounds like a little chirp. You can see an example of this in the video below. It might be because she didn’t have a mom to teach her a proper meow, but no one’s complaining – it is adorable.

Are you interested in Ellie? She is due back at the shelter soon! Please email Lindsey Thompson at Be a hero…adopt!