Meet Lucky!

Sometimes a pet’s name matches his personality perfectly. Lucky is no different as he was blessed with a handsome face and a lovable personality. But, unfortunately, Lucky has hit a streak of bad luck and has been without a home and loving family for three years. Recently featured in our Lookbook, Lucky proved that he has the stuff to strut and love to give

More than posing for our heroes though, Lucky loves to cuddle. Lucky is definitely a ladies man and prefers to befriend women. He might be best suited to a single gal, looking for a soul friend to be 100 percent loving and committed.

He is not overly energetic, so does not need a very active lifestyle, but could be in a home with older children. He absolutely loves nuzzling, and prefers to take his snuggles with humans as opposed to other pets.

Lucky may have been unlucky in love, but with this full heart, he is sure to have good karma that will get him a great new owner. Email, call, or visit the Leander Adoption Center to meet Lucky and find out what this little lover has to offer!