Meet Bensey!

Bensey is single and looking for love. Fortunately, he absolutely adores people of all ages from babies to grandmas. His favorite things are belly rubs, kisses, and just about any kind of attention that his future loving owner will give him.

This pup has been through a lot. He has lived with a few families and at one point had a hip replaced with a metal one. Bensey has always had a fear of thunderstorms and other very loud noises, but we have been working with him and the outlook is good. Being in his “den” and wearing his thunder shirt certainly seem to help. Additionally, he is soothed by classical music, a nice fan, and a blanket that covers his crate. He would also love the comfort of a family to get him through those scary nights.


Great news! This little boy has been taught to use the potty, and by this we mean outdoors. In addition, he has learned some basic commands like sit, stay, lie down, and get in the crate. At times, he can be a little shy, but once he has been called over, all he wants to do is cuddle and get his tummy rubbed. Even in his kennel, he greets just about everyone with kisses and a tail wag or two.


Bensey does prefer pups that are his size and would be best suited to a mom or dad who was home and could take care of him during the day. If you are looking for a bff for yourself and kids, come in and meet Bensey.