From Flames to Forever, a Journey of Love.

From Fire to Forever
“We absolutely love her! My Golden Retriever and her are best friends. Thank you guys so much!” -Evie adopted by the Cole family!

March 10th was just a regular day for many people but for 41 dogs, it was a day their whole world changed. For them, it’s the day their home caught fire and was no longer a safe place. It was the day they were rushed to one facility, then loaded up again and rushed to a second an hour away. It was the day they saw tons of unrecognizable faces leaving them scared and confused, but what they didn’t know is that it was also the day they were given a second chance at finding a forever home.

From Fire to Forever
“Lambert, four days after adoption, went from shy and scared to outgoing and loving.” -Lambert adopted by the Bright family!

When their home in Killeen, TX caught fire, it was immediate action for Killeen Animal Services and the Killeen Fire Department to get all these dogs to safety. Once they arrived at the shelter, staff quickly realized there just wasn’t enough available space to house so many animals at once. It took one phone call and a 15-minute drive for us to help these dogs.

Luckily, many of the dogs were relatively unharmed with just a few suffering from smoke inhalation, and one puppy, later named Frenchy, who was burned. Even the pregnant and nursing mothers made it out okay. The pregnant mom has since given birth and her puppies will be available soon! Of the original 41, only one is still searching for his forever home.

From Flames to Forever, a Journey of Love
“He is getting along great with the group.” -Frederick adopted by the Boyd family!

It takes a community to make a difference and that was shown with this rescue. To see the out pour of love and support was truly touching and we can’t thank you enough. Watching these dogs get adopted was also the highlight to many of our days. Seeing the connection many of the people have had with them shows that it isn’t just people rescuing a pets, it’s pets rescuing people.

We have been fortunate to see and hear how some of these animals are doing and they warm our hearts each time. Some have been adopted and now have new siblings, others are only children, but no matter the situation, these pups are receiving a ton of love and we owe that to you. Thank you to everyone who donated, thank you to everyone who adopted, and thank you to everyone for standing behind out mission, wanting homes for all these pets and helping eliminate pet homelessness. Because of you, these dogs were not only saved, but also given the opportunity to give and receive love for the rest of their life.

It doesn’t take a cape to be a hero. Just Love.

From Flames to Forever
“I’m so thankful for her. Understanding where she came from and what she went through, my every intention is to spoil her and make sure she is always happy.” Prim adopted by the Sanchez family!
They are still two peas in a pod, they don’t ever go anywhere alone or without me! As a family, we are so excited to have them as our own, they bring laughter and love to us, and hopefully we to them!”