Ready Fur Love: Daisy’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

May 11, 2017


Hi There!

My name is Daisy and I think you are my new family, correct? I was told someone would read my letter and fall in love with me. Fall so much in love that they would come and adopt me to start our new lives together. Before that, let me tell you a little more about me. First off, I’m a hoot. Or should I say bark? I love to make people smile and laugh! I’m very loving and outgoing with everyone I meet. Before coming to Texas Humane Heroes, I was taken to a shelter with my babies. While they all found homes, I was taken to TXHH to get a second try at finding a home. Even though I don’t have my babies anymore, I still try to be mamma dogs to all the other dogs waiting for their forever homes. If ever they feel sad because they don’t have a family just yet, I’m there to remind them every dog has their day and not to lose hope. And when they are getting a little too cray cray in the play yard, I’m there to simmer them down.

I love being a mom, but I love being someone’s baby more. I am looking to be your best playmate and your right-hand gal who is ready to go on any adventure as long as it’s with you. If you’re new to the pet (specifically dog owning) game, you’re in luck! See, I have these pesky things called heartworms, and while they sound scary, it’s not so bad. I can’t give it to other animals or people, and the best part is TXHH pays for the treatment! In order to receive treatment, I must be in a foster home so I have a calm place to let the medicine do its work. This is the perfect time to see if you and I are the absolute perfect pair! It’s a win-win! So what are you waiting for? Spend Mother’s Day with this mama dog and feel the love of a mother all over again!  

I’ll be waiting!

Love Always,