Hero: Bailey and the Johnson Family!

Featured Hero:  4th Quarter 2014

Adoption Date: February 2012

Their Story: My name is Bridget Johnson, and I want to tell you about our dog Bailey, who we adopted from TXHH on Valentine’s Day 2012. We had been looking for an older dog for a while, as we didn’t want to have to train a puppy. We had been to a couple of shelters and found that although in theory we wanted an adult dog, every dog that tugged at our heartstrings was under the age of 6 months.

We were still not quite sure if we were ready to adopt, so we took the ‘let’s go home and think about it’ approach. Of course, we would call the shelter up and find out that each dog had been adopted.

Flash forward to Valentine’s Day 2012. I had the day off, but Al had to work. On a whim, I drove out to Texas Humane Heroes to look at Bailey. She was the type of dog we wanted, and she was just adorable in her online picture. The nice lady that I worked with at TXHH took me to the pen she was in. She was housed with a littermate, who was easily twice her size. She was sleeping in the corner, and bleary eyed, came up to me. Of course, she had to put her littermate in line as the other pup was jumping and barking like crazy. I took her to the private fenced in area to see how she would respond, and she seemed like a very happy and well-adjusted pup. I am happy to say that she came home with me that day.

I have to say that we are so glad we did take a chance on her. She is a very smart girl, and even though she is just a year old she can do tons of tricks. She knows how to roll herself up in a blanket, puts her toys away, jumps through a hula hoop, as well as having mastered the usual obedience skills (although she does love to grumble about it sometimes).   She loves nothing better than to go running at the park, especially at Brushy Creek, because she loves to take a dip in the creek to cool off during her run.

Who knew you could pack so much dynamite in a little 15 pound dog! We love her so, and cannot wait until we buy a house so that we can get her a buddy from Texas Humane Heroes!