Strap on Your Sneakers for the Rogue Rescue Run!

Strap on your sneakers and get ready for the 4th Annual Rogue Rescue Run! This year’s run will take place at Texas Humane Heroes – Leander Adoption Center on Crystal Falls Parkway. Register the whole family at

Not quite ready for 5K just yet? Our pet-lovin’ sponsor Rogue Running can coach you through it. They are sponsoring two different training programs, both beginning on September 2nd. Visit for more information.

Are you excited to run, but your dog is sad to be left at home? No problem! The 5K Dog Jog may be just what they were hoping for. Five kilometers of quality time spent running with their human – what more can a pup ask for?

And let’s not forget about the kids – they will be happy to hear there will be a 1K race designed just for them.

I know you were planning to jump out of bed, drink a green smoothie, and run on Sunday morning anyway – why not support a worthy cause?All proceeds from the 4th Annual Rogue Rescue Run go to support Texas Humane Heroes. While you’re at the adoption center for the run, stop by and visit the many dogs and cats up for adoption. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to return home with more than a banana and some Gatorade. I know some dogs and cats who would be happy to ride home in the backseat – even with your stinky sneakers!