Hero: Vino, Hops and the Lopez Family!

Featured Hero: 3rd Quarter 2014

Adoption Date: September 2012

Their Story: My story starts in September of 2011 when I adopted a pit bull mix from a rescue group in Austin and named her Michi. We fell in love instantly- she was (and still is) the very best dog a girl could hope for. Fast forward to February of 2012 when I decided it was time to bring a new pet into the family. My fiancé Brandon, Michi and myself began a kitten search that led us to Texas Humane Heroes. We spent two hours playing with cats and kittens of all ages at the Leander shelter and finally spotted the 9 month old cat that would soon be known as “Vino”. Vino and Michi weren’t immediately thrilled with each other, but within a matter of weeks a relationship began that can only be described as completely unnatural and absolutely adorable. They are now semi-famous on social media for their “forbidden love”! Vino & Michi are inseparable – whether they are spooning or wrestling, it’s a match made in heaven. Michi is now convinced she is part-cat, while Vino is sure he is a dog.

Fast forward again to January of 2014. Brandon and I both have an immense love for dogs and always knew we wanted to add another dog to the mix, but were waiting for the right time and the right dog. I mean, how many dogs out there would fit into the Michi & Vino shenanigans? We met Hops (then named Aaron) at a Texas Humane Heroes adoption event and knew he was meant for us. He was only 10 weeks old with the sweetest puppy breath and precious spotted white socks on all four paws. We knew we’d have our hands full with a puppy and were a little anxious about introducing him to Michi and Vino.

Our cat Vino is either the world’s most tolerant cat or he truly believes he is a dog. We knew no other dog could possibly get along with a cat the way Michi does, but Hops proved us wrong! We now have two dogs and a cat that are the very best of friends! Our home is full of dog toys, cat hair and LOVE- we wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks to TXHH for bringing our perfect family of five together and for giving Hops and Vino the second chance that brought them to us. We will forever be grateful!