Spring 2014 LookBook Is Here!

Our spring 2014 LookBook has arrived, and this time shows how our model pets and their human counterparts can work the decades with style. Unfortunately, the spring LookBook brings a touch of sadness to the look of joyful anticipation on the faces of every pup and kitten – one of the beloved animals, Delaney, passed away before she could be treated for heartworms. Her sister, Dolly, has the disease as well, and you can help her receive treatment by donating to our H.E.A.R.T. program.

Last year’s fall edition saw six dogs and four cats strut their stuff in our winter formal issue. Nine of these animals have been adopted into wonderful homes and are enjoying life with their forever families. We reached out to some of our heroes who adopted from this batch and heard that they are doing well.

First, new owner Beth spoke about her cat Queenie whom she spotted in the LookBook and knew she had to take home:


“I had wanted a cat for some time.  We always had cats and dogs when our kids were little.  We were extremely close to our dog Mickey (a shelter dog) but she passed away several years ago.  I had been going back to the look book for weeks and every time I’d stop on Queenie.   (It was fate…my mother’s name was Queenie Marie so I knew I had to go and bring her home.) She’s the sweetest, most loving cat and now she’s part of our family.  Most nights find her right between us in bed.  We were told that she had some medical problems dealing with her diet but she loves her grain-free food and has never had any problems.  We now can’t imagine life without her.  She’s especially attached to my husband.  Whenever he sits down in his chair, she jumps right up in his lap.  If he gets up to go to the bathroom, she follows him and waits outside the door for him…..so cute!  Our grand daughters also love Queenie.
She lets them pet and love her over and over.”

Jennifer also told her story about finding Lucky, who was featured on our blog and in the LookBook last time. “We adopted Lucky on December 27th after fostering him in the home for the holidays event.  I waited until this event so that we could bring him home and see how Lucky and my dog Amber got along before committing.  Lucky was at the Killeen location but I had seen his picture on your website in the pets available for adoption section and in the LookBook.  Then week after week continued to see his picture and wondered why he was not getting adopted.  When he moved to the Leander location, I finally got to meet him.  There are other dogs that have been there far too long, but I chose Lucky because he is the same age as my other dog and about the same activity level.  Lucky and Amber love to walk and go on car rides, but they don’t have to constantly be on the move.  Lucky fits in great.  He loves his toys and often has one in his mouth just carrying them around and playing with them.  Even after 3 years at the shelter, he remembered how to go outside to use the restroom.  I was worried that would be an issue, but it wasn’t.  We joke that he loves mornings.  He wakes up in such a good mood, loves to give morning kisses to everyone in his new family.  I think he is just happy every day to wake up at home and not in the shelter.”

Lucky and Queenie will hopefully not be the only success stories for our LookBook. If you are interested in an animal featured, please contact Texas Humane Heroes.