Hero: Bo and the Holmes Family!

Featured Hero: 2nd Quarter 2014

Adoption Date: September 2012

Their Story: You know how you crave a cookie or potato chip…well, we craved PJ!  Several times a week me and my two little boys searched the TXHH website looking for our match!  We already have an older girl, Sophie, who likes to lounge around mostly; Fergi, a chihuahua who thinks she is a cat; and Dewey, a wired fox terrier who loves people and other pets and longed for a playmate.  We lost a black lab, Bonnie, several years ago and a lab/mix just holds a special place in my heart.  There is such a connection I cannot explain.  Lo and behold….there was “PJ” on the website!  We were so excited to see him!  My daughter came home from college over the weekend and we got all pumped up Sunday morning and headed to the puppy pad.  There he was in the middle of the barn in a little swimming pool pen waiting for us.  So sweet – just as we had expected.  PJ has an extra special gift…he has only three working legs and a fixed front left leg that looks like an “elbow” all the time.  He can use it to cushion a fall or hold a rawhide and it makes him that much more special to us!  Sweet kisses and soft ears and silly toe licks…he fits right in with the whole crew here on our 26 acres.  My older son decided we needed a name fitting for our family, so we renamed him “Bocephus” after Hank Williams Jr. and for short we will call him “Bo”…  He and Dewey romp and play all day and play and sleep on the same bean bag for naps…fun!