HSWC Heroes: Sonya & The Johnson Family

Sonya, Sami & Erika!Featured Hero: 4th Quarter 2012
Adoption Date: April 2011

Their Story: I thought I would share our story with you…

We lost a family member; our boxer, Aries, on April 18th. He was very special to us. We had his mother and he became a well known show dog with AKC stacking up 20 Wins, Places or Shows. He lived and loved us for 12 years, so it was almost an unbearable loss. For his human sisters Sami (11 years old) and Erika (10 years old), it was heartbreaking. They had him in their lives since birth.

Needless to say, that Monday was a tough day for us, but the girls said they would like to adopt a dog from a shelter in memory of Aries. So off we went to the Shelter after school on Monday.  Unfortunately it was closed, but the staff said we could walk around and check out the doggies.  As we went by the outdoor pens, a small black and white Staffordshire mix put her paw through the fence and onto Sami’s foot.  She didn’t bark, just looked up at my girls like she was saying, “It’s ok.  Things will get better!” Sami and Erika lost it.  Sami immediately said, “This is my new dog!”  Erika agreed.  I have to confess that I got tears in my eyes as I saw it happen.  My wife Cinda was choked up as well.

I told the girls that we would come back tomorrow when the shelter was open and see if she was still the one.  The girls were so worried that night.  They just knew that someone would adopt her while they were at school the next day.  I went to work and started telling a co-worker, Aileen Phillips, about the pup and what she had done with the girls.  Aileen, a volunteer at the shelter, looked Sonya up online.  She showed me the pictures and the information on her.  I was flabbergasted!!!  Sonya had come to the shelter almost a year prior, on Cinda’s Birthday!!!  MAY 10th!!!  I immediately called my wife to let her know.  She was speechless as well!

I left work early and picked the family up to go to the shelter.  When we arrived the girls made a beeline straight for Sonya, who greeted them with a tail wag and a few kisses through the fence and that was it.  Our new family member would be adopted that moment.

Sonya has been practically perfect in every way.  She is house broken without any accidents.  She sits, lays down and comes when called.  She is even learning how to heel, but most of all she is a constant companion with my girls and Cinda and me.  She even rotates sleeping at the foot of the bed of the girls and me and momma.

Finally I just want to thank the Shelter staff for not giving up on Sonya.  I know deep  down inside she was just waiting for us…to heal us and become one of us!