Meet Odie & Polly!

These puppies have found their forever homes!

Please note that this post is for information purposes and doesn’t guarantee that these animals are still at the shelter. Please check the date of the post, and call the shelter for more information on any of the animals.

Meet Odie and Polly. Around here they are known as Coca and Cinnamon, both for their beautiful black and tawny coats and because they are so very Yummy. One look at these cute, tiny puppies, and you’ll want to eat them up. Cocoa and Cinnamon are wonderful lap dogs thanks to their diminuitive size, of course, and have enjoyed curling up on our laps while we watch TV at night. Like all healthy puppies, they are also full of energy and curiosity. They love to romp and play and run and frolic and cavort. These little guys know how to cavort. They especially like to cavort in the garden with our two adult dogs. Coca and Cinnamon are personable and cuddly, spunky and occasionally acrobatic – they are everything you could want in a dog…in a convenient travel size. They will be wonderful additions to their new forever homes. I will be sorry to give them up, but I am so happy to know that they will have wonderful loving families of their own some day very soon.

If you are interested in Odie or Polly, please contact Lindsey Thompson at!