It’s Pet Appreciation Week!

Pet Appreciation WeekPet Appreciation Week


Pets bring our families so much joy, so it’s important that we remind them just how much we appreciate them. June 3-9 is Pet Appreciation Week, so we have compiled a list of things you can do to make sure your pet knows how much you love them.

To start, the most important way to show your pet just how much they mean to you is to keep them safe and healthy.

  • Make sure they are up-to-date on all of their vaccines, including rabies and distemper, and their monthly treatments for flea and heartworm.
  • If your pet is not already microchipped, we highly recommend bringing them somewhere to get chipped, especially with the Fourth of July quickly approaching, as this is the time of year when your pets are most likely to escape. Microchipping is the most efficient option of reuniting you with your lost pet.
  • Now that summer is in full swing, make sure you are keeping your pet out of the heat as much as possible. If you have to leave them outside for a couple of hours, make sure they have plenty of water to stay hydrated and shade to lay under.

The next way to show your pet some extra love is with toys and treats.

  • For both dogs and cats, it is important to have outlets to release energy and tension on. Dogs love tug-o-war, squeaky chew toys and chasing balls, and cats can chase feathers and jingle-balls all day. Also for cats, it is extremely important to provide them with scratching posts, both for their sanity and your own (it’s hard to show them much love if you come home to destroyed curtains).
  • Giving your pet a special treat once in a while can make them really happy, so consider giving your dog or cat a bit of canned pumpkin or your scraps of delicious cooked chicken, beef or turkey. As we all know, dogs also love peanut butter, just make sure you give them the kind that does NOT contain Xylitol.
  • And of course, what better way to treat your furry friend than with some good petting. You know your pet better than anyone else, so you can probably find their sweet spots pretty easily. If not, dogs love tummy rubs and scratches on the butt and behind the ears while cats prefer gentle chin scratches and long strokes down their back.

Lastly, remember that your pet loves you, and they would love to spend extra time with you. While it is more difficult to take your cat around town, consider walking your dog around and stopping at one of the many pet friendly restaurants in Austin, including Austin Terrier and the Yard Bar.

In the end, take June 3-9 as an opportunity to remind your pet how much you appreciate them, but we definitely recommend treating your furry friend throughout the year!