Ready Fur Love: Padme’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Hi, my name is Padme! But you can call me Queen Padmé Amidala for the weekend, because Solo is coming out TOMORROW! I’m here today to tell you all about why you should make me a part of your family!

To start, I’m a big gal with a ton of spunk! I’m sweet, I know sit, and I always clean my plate. What more could you want? Nothing, right, but I will go on anyway! I can keep myself entertained, but I also love to run around and play fetch or tug-o-war with the humans here. I’ve got the perfect amount of energy, see, I can play hard, but I can also kick back and chill in the house. When I’m left to myself, I love playing with my toys or napping on my bed.

Speaking of toys, do you see all this awesome stuff with me? When you fall in love and adopt me, I’m bringing all these toys and supplies with me! That’s right, I’ve got all my Star Wars swag with me along with my favorite food, treats, waste bags and shampoo!

Ready Fur Love

Not to brag, but I’m also pretty smart. I like to think I’m pretty good at learning new things, especially if I get treats as a reward! You know what else those treats are good for? Getting me to snuggle up to you. If you’ll let me, I can be a lap dog!

My perfect family is an active bunch that can keep up with me. If y’all want to go hiking or to the lake, I’d love to join! After burning off all our energy, we can relax back in the A/C. Older kids would be great, those little ones have even more energy than I do, I bet you can understand that! I’m open to meeting other dogs, but I think I’d prefer being your only pooch.

If it sounds like I would fit in with your family, I would love to meet you! Come see me, and ask one of the humans here if you can take me out to spend some good ‘ol quality bonding time with me!