Pack Pride: Five Pets, Two Seasons, One Heart

Pack Pride

This week’s Pack Pride features a company that truly has a heart and passion for the animals.

Donna and Tony are an amazing husband/wife duo that own and operate Two Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning. They started Two Seasons after realizing they weren’t spending as much time together as they would have liked in their previous jobs – so they decided to open up their own business. Their spring and summer seasons are packed with work, making sure all their clients are staying cool in the upcoming warmer months. They usually spend all day working, seven days a week. In their off season, they are avid scuba divers and frequent the Caribbean, which is their favorite place to go diving.

Their heart has a special place for the city of Leander and the community they have found here. Because of their love for this area, they also love giving back. Two Seasons has been servicing our heating and cooling system for quite some time now, keeping it comfortable for our cats, staff, and guests throughout the year. About a month ago, Donna and Tony went above and beyond by generously donating and installing a brand new HVAC system for our clinic!

Pack PrideNot long after receiving the Clinic unit, we gave them a shout as our AC in the main office stopped working due to a broken compressor, leaving the staff and kitties feeling pretty toasty. They came out as quickly as they could. Once the job was done, they gave us another surprise of doing it free of charge!

Donna and Tony have big hearts for animals and have pack of their own at home– their four dogs Shellbee, Boston, Yogi, and Charley are their babies, along with their cat, Sam. They both come from a long line of Texans and have been located in the Austin area for about ten years now.

We are so fortunate to have people like Donna and Tony come in and generously give to Texas Humane Heroes. Their kindness is an inspiration to us all. By donating their time and AC machinery to us, they saved us money we would have otherwise had to use from our operating budget, resulting in less funds for our mission. Because of them, more dogs and cats can continue to be saved from overcrowded-shelters and come through our doors ready to find their forever homes. Thank you Two Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning!