Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Summer


With optimal weather and abundance of activities, spending time with your pet during the summer is exciting. However, it’s important to remember that with all the fun the season brings, it can also bring about harmful conditions. Being proactive for what the season brings can help you protect your pet all summer long.

1. Stay cool in hot temperatures

Summer brings great outdoor weather for activities, but it can also bring high temperatures and heat that’s much too hot for your pet. It’s best to keep your pet from being outdoors too long in the middle of the day to the late afternoon.

When temperatures are higher, it’s easier for your pet to overheat and the hot pavement can burn their sensitive paws. Restrict walks with your pet to the cooler times of day – i.e. morning and late evening.

2. Prevent fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes

When the rest of the summer is buzzing with insects, the fleas, ticks and mosquitoes also come out to play. Because these insects are extremely harmful to your pet, it’s imperative that you discuss prevention plans with your vet if you haven’t already. Keep a watchful eye and inspect their fur for these critters after you spend time outside.

3. Keep their skin healthy during the summer

Trimming your dog’s fur is okay during the summer, but a common misconception is that shaving their fur will keep them cooler. Your dog’s layered fur coat has more purpose than being fluffy and pretty. Their coat actually protects them from overheating and their skin from sunburn.

Whether your cat is an indoor cat or loves to roam outside, preventing them from spending too much time in the sun is crucial to protecting them from overheating. This even means keeping them from lying in a sunny spot on the carpet for too long. In addition, brushing your cat’s fur more often during the summer can actually prevent problems caused by the summer heat!

4. Hydrate often

Keeping your pets hydrated during the summer is extremely important. Make sure you’re providing them with cool, fresh water often and ensure they have access to water if they spend any time outside. It’s also important to know the signs and symptoms of dehydration and overheating in pets – and have a plan in place if you notice any signs.

5. Watch for other dangerous critters

Summer not only brings out all the insects known to existence, but it also welcomes warm-weathered creatures, like snakes and spiders, some of which can be deadly to both you and your pet. Stay alert of your surroundings, especially when spending time in wooded areas or near creeks, lakes, and ponds. Texas is home to four types of venomous snakes, including nine different kinds of rattlesnakes. Talk to your veterinarian to see if the Rattlesnake Vaccine is a good choice for your dog to protect them on hikes and outings.

The summertime can bring so much fun for you and your pet but keeping these tips in mind is imperative to protecting your pet for many more summers to come.

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