Pack Pride: Nina Dedicates Her Life to Saving Others

Pack Pride
Nina and current adoptable dog Coffee!

Last June, Texas Humane Heroes was lucky enough to find Nina Spieler, our Killeen Adoption Center Manager and have her become part of our pack! Before joining us, Nina worked as a veterinary technician for seven years, and while she loved her position, when she saw the opening for assistant manager at Texas Humane Heroes, she felt that animal rescue was where she needed to be.

As manager, Nina oversees daily operations, schedules staff members, provides customer service, performs adoptions and represents Texas Humane Heroes at community events. Additionally, due to her experience, Nina also communicates with our Leander Adoption Center vet techs and clinic if she finds that any of the animals in Killeen needs additional care.

Her favorite part about working with Texas Humane Heroes is our mission to save lives. Nina says that it’s not work when you are passionate about what you do, and that working with Texas Humane Heroes is the happiest she has ever been, letting her know that she is where she should be! Since joining Texas Humane Heroes, Nina has learned a lot about her community and herself, growing personally and with the organization.

Looking back on her year with Texas Humane Heroes, Nina thinks that helping during Hurricane Harvey, rescuing animals from shelters that needed space, has been her favorite moment. She says that despite it being stressful, it was a rewarding experience for Texas Humane Heroes to open its doors to those shelters in need!

When she is not at work, Nina loves to be outdoors. She hikes and kayaks with her three rescue dogs, Ty, Peanut and Ziggy, and travels to national parks and caves when given the time. If she’s not outdoors, Nina loves arts and crafts, especially painting and refurbishing items.

Texas Humane Heroes is so grateful that Nina joined our team, and we’re looking forward to seeing how her continued contributions help the organization keep growing!