Ready Fur Love: Hank’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Howdy, the name’s Hank! I’m looking for an active group of people to keep me moving!

My favorite thing to do is to chase balls. Notice how I’m not using the word fetch. You gave me the ball, it was a gift, I do no need to give it back, but if you throw another one I will drop the one I am holding to chase it! It can turn into an endless cycle, really, I just love running around so much. I’ve got a lot of energy in me. I’m still young and quick on my feet!

With that being said, when I’m not using my wonderful supply of energy, I’m great at napping and giving loving stares. I can’t help myself, I really like people, and I like to keep at your side! I’d be a great on adventures, like hiking, jogging and trips to the lake. I’m an outdoorsy type, as long as I can come inside to relax with those wonderfully amazing things you people call A/C and heaters.

I like to think I’d be a pretty good fit in most homes. Younger kids would be fine if they have experience with dogs my size and don’t do silly things like throw themselves on me or try to steal my toys. Older kids to run around with would be awesome! The only thing I would prefer is starting out as the only dog in the house, but can you blame me, the other guys here can be so loud. I want to spend time getting to know your people family before I have to meet with another dog!

So, are you convinced? I’m the perfect dog, right? Come play with me in the yard for a bit before taking me home!