Ready Fur Love: Nessy’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

Oh, hi, I didn’t see you down there. Just kidding! I’m not that big!

Nice to meet you, my name’s Nessy! I’m 7 ½ years old and 95 pounds, but that’s just more of me to love, right? That’s what I think, but I understand my size may be intimidating for some people. Fear not! My big size reflects my big heart and my big brain!

Here at Texas Humane Heroes, I’ve declared myself the “#1 Water Lover” of all the dogs. These Texas summers are scorchers, right, so splashing in the water is my favorite activity! I also like bobbing for tennis balls and fetch. I’ll admit, my bursts of energy make me pretty powerful, but lucky for you, I wear out quickly! Once I run around or swim for about 20 minutes, I’m ready to head back inside and curl up on my bed!

Ready Fur LoveMy ideal family is a group with a big backyard for me to run around in, and there will need to be someone strong to take me on walks. While I realize how big I am, I sometimes get so excited that I momentarily forget my strength! That being said, older kids would probably be better suited at handling me. Also, as far as other pets go, I would prefer to be the only one in the house. I mean, I’ve got the size of two or three dogs, why would you want anyone else!

If you’re still not fully convinced, or you’re thinking, “Nessy, I don’t know where to start with getting you food, toys and supplies,” then listen to this! The humans here have already prepared me an adoption package with with great toys, my favorite food, shampoo, waste bags, and if you come to get me soon, I’ll even convince them to let me take my bed!

One more thing that makes me unique– I’ve been on the small screen and the even smaller screen (YouTube)! You can check out my TV segment on We Are Austin here, or check out the video the humans made for me here! How many people can say they have a famous dog?

So, what do you say? I sound pretty awesome, right? Well, if you think my letter is great, wait until you meet me in person! Come on over, we can go play in the yard together, and you can fall in love with me!