Ready Fur Love: Pixel’s Love Letter


March 2, 2017

To My Family,

It’s me, Pixel! I’m happy to say that I have chosen you to be my new family, which is why I’m writing you this letter. We probably haven’t met before because if we had I would already be home with you, so let me tell you a little bit about myself and you’ll see that we are the perfect match.

I know you’ve been feeling kinda lonely lately and I can change that. You’ll never be questioning my love for you because I’m not afraid to show that we are in a committed relationship. PDA is my thing. I may even give you a kiss in front of others. Why hide my feelings when I know I have the best family out there? You also have an easy going home which is what I’m looking for. I’m more into family time than a wild night on the town. We can unwind and enjoy a movie or board game together while eating ice cream from the tub. ‘Cause we’re rebels.

I’m hoping that you have some areas I can climb and be high above everyone and watch what everyone is up too during the busy hours. You know what my favorite thing is? Breakfast. I loooove getting my morning can of food. So much so that I’m going to talk to you the whole time while you’re getting it ready. Breakfast is the most important and the most delicious meal of the day!

I’m so excited for the day you walk through the doors and take me home. I’m excited to start my new life. And most of all, I’m excited to love you forever.

Your Future Pet,