Ready Fur Love: Cole’s Love Letter

March 16, 2017

To A Fellow Runner,

Hi, I’m Cole! I think we were made to be best friends because you’re committed to exercising just like I am! I live for the active life but don’t limit myself to just running– I’m a swimmer, too! Me and you, we could win races. We will be the fastest duo anyone has ever seen and take home first place all day every day. I can even see us being part of a triathlon, Running like cheetahs, swimming as fast as the fish. I may not be able to ride a bike, but we can get one of those side carts and I can be your support system the whole way! Even if you’re signing up for a race I can’t be in (I know…crazy), I will happy to help you train. Then I will cheer from the side as I watch you cross the finish line. I’m a very smart boy, so living the active lifestyle is something I dream about. Maybe we can even take some training together, that would be great mental exercise and bonding for you and me.

No only do will I love you, but I bet I will love everyone else in the family, too. I’ve lived with small humans and their pretty cool, and I really like playing with other dogs my size. We can all play together in the backyard. Just as long as you’re with me, it’s the perfect family!

They always say working out with a buddy is best to keep you motivated. Well, I promise to be the best workout buddy there is. We will have great adventures together and create memories that we will never forget.

So run on over to see me, ‘cause I know I’ll run straight to your heart.