Ready Fur Love: Duke’s Love Letter


Ready Fur Love


March 23, 2017

Dear Human,

Hello, I’m Duke. I’m a handsome young man with looks to kill and a personality to go with it. I’m a mellow guy that likes to kick back and relax, especially on your shoulders. I have no problem being carried around like your child. In fact, I almost purrfer that. You may be thinking that I’m a heartbreaker, but I can prove to you I’m not. My love for you is limitless. I spend my days thinking about you when you’re gone, and dreaming of you at night. You coming home is the happiest time for me and I will greet you at the door every. Single. Day. Let’s sit down and relax, while you pet me I will lovingly knead your lap. I will be your own personal masseur. Tell me all about your day and blow off some steam, I will always be an open ear for you.

I’m a social guy who gets along well with my feline companions. That doesn’t mean I’m not ok with alone time, though. I’m very easy going and can adjust to a multitude of lifestyles, which is why I know I will make the perfect addition to your family.

If these long days make for lonely nights, I can change that. If I may close this letter to you with a line from my favorite song: “You got a friend in me.”

Love Always,