Ready Fur Love: Braveheart’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

March 30, 2017


I’m Braveheart! Why do they call me that? ‘Cause I will be your defender of evil and all things squeaky. I’m a young boy who is still learning about the world and having a lot of fun while doing it. The only thing that would make it better is learning about it with you as my teacher and guide. I will admit, I can be a little shy. Some people say my name is misleading, but they just haven’t gotten to know me yet. Each day I feel myself growing more and more confident. I have met so many great people that are showing me love and teaching me I have nothing to be afraid. I’ve heard that you can always count on family, so when I find you, I know you are going to show me how to be the best dog this world has ever seen.

Do you like to run and play? So do I! I love playing fetch and running as fast as I can. I think you and I would make great running partners. Maybe we can try out a 5k sometime! Even if running isn’t your speed, just playin’ in the backyard and going for walks is good with me. I have made a lot of friends during my time at the Adoption Center. Do you have other dogs? I would love to meet them! I think it’s important to meet everyone in the family before fully committing, don’t you agree? We have a pretty cool play area here and I can show your current dog all my super cool tricks!

If you’re looking for someone who you will never have a dull moment with, who will always protect you, and who will never let you be alone ever again, I hope you come meet me soon because I promise to do all those things and more.

Always Your Knight in Shining Armor,