Ready Fur Love: Ashie’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

April 27, 2017


To My Perfect Human,


You know what makes you perfect? You see how being imperfect makes someone perfect. Someone like me. There’s a lot about me that most people wouldn’t give me the chance for, but none of that matters to you. Some see a senior dog who is past his prime and they don’t want to take a chance. You see a dog who has reached the best years of his life. One whose personality is mellow and loving instead of hyper and energetic. Some see an underbite and think my smile isn’t beautiful. You see a smile that lights up the room. Some see an overweight dog. You see a dog with more to love! So while all those other people pass me, I know when you arrive, there won’t be any hesitation.

About a month ago, I lost my temporary home. It was the most frightening thing I have ever been through. I can be a little shy, but hopefully you are understanding. I promise it doesn’t take much for me to open up to you. Just a quick belly rub and I’ll be yours forever. Even though I start off a little shy, I get along with everyone I meet so I’m excited to see what kind of family you already have. Are there lots of people that will love me, or will it just be you and me? Is there another pet at home that will be my playmate, or will I be lucky to get all your love? All these homes sound perfect to me. As long as you can promise forever, I’m already yours.