Ready Fur Love: Frodo’s Love Letter

Ready Fur Love

June 15, 2017



I’m Frodo. No, I am not a Hobbit, but I will say that he and I quite alike in many ways. I have a brother named Sam who is also my best friend, and while I prefer to stay in the comfort of my shire, er, I mean home, I do find myself in some very adventurous situations. I’m a very outgoing and friendly fellow, and I enjoy the company of anyone I meet. I have lots of cat friends and prefer to keep the peace among everyone– easy going is the life for me. That being said, if something threatens my friends and family, I will risk my life to save theirs. Family means everything to me and I will always keep you safe.

My perfect home would be with someone or someones who love cat affection. I take every opportunity to climb in a lap and cozy up with some good ear scratches. My purrs will soothe you after a long day away from home and I will eagerly greet you when you walk through the door. I would be happy in a home with lots of people to love and have love me, or even a home with just one person to give me all the love and attention. I’m a loyal cat and will never leave you feeling abandoned and alone. So what are you waiting for? I will be your knight in cat-sized armor!