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Author:  Deanna Chesnut, Author, Purrs & Promises

Almost July 4th, and if you’re excited, so are your pets. A dog’s hearing is 2.5 times better than ours, and a cat’s is 5 times better and they can hear a leaf rustle from 30 feet away. Imagine the difficulties your pet has with the loudness of exploding fireworks and loud music!  All they want is to get away and they show up at the shelters on July 5th.

The noise, guests, and increased activity leaves pets open to turmoil with often devastating effects. Plan to keep your pets safe by being prepared, the same as for a natural disaster. Take the time now to prepare.

  1. Get a current, face forward photo of your pet(s) and use it to make  “LOST PET” flyer. Include pet’s name, breed, weight, distinguishing marks, “Last seen (date/place) and two contact phone numbers yours and ? a neighbor, etc.
  2. Make two “Pet Folders”, one for you, one for sitter, each containing: a copy of “Lost Pet” flyer, vet contacts and records, prescriptions, proof of ownership, current tag info, etc.
  3. Update tags and contact the chip registry to verify all info is current. Cats need reflective and break-away collars, dogs with reflective collars, with current tags attached. Add your phone number on the outside of the collar.
  4. Put signs (or a flag or pet photo) on both sides of all exit doors, including the garage door, as reminders to keep doors closed. Keep pet doors closed during these 3 days and physically go outside with dogs on a leash.
  5. On a Road Trip; Keep pets in a harness all the time. ID the crate with a luggage tag with home and destination contacts. When pets are out of the crate, keep a lead attached to something in the car, such as the seatbelt, at all times. Never, ever allow them loose in the car as they could escape when a passenger opens the door, in an accident, or they could crawl under the seat and around the gas/brake pedal. 3.) Pack the Pet Folder in the bottom of your suitcase
  6. Pet calming products to consider.

For Dogs: 1) a Thunder Shirt, 2) Lavender Essential Oil, (for dogs only, apply only to bedding) 3) and consider Vet’s Best Comfort Calm Dog Supplement. (A friend was impressed but do NOT give to cats!)

For Cats: Feliway Plug in Pheromone dispenser:*

For Both: Bach Flower Essence Rescue Remedy for Pets* or Jackson Galaxy Spirit Essences,*


*Available at health food stores locally and on the Net

Next week ideas on how to safely get your pets through the celebration week. Also see Purrfect Talker’s Blog #2 on TxHH for ideas holiday treats for pets.