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Ready Fur Love
Ready Fur Love


Hi Everyone,

You might be use to these letters just featuring one pet, but today you get four! We are four lovable pooches with two goals: 1.) To find foster love, and 2.) To find forever love. If we can find both in one family then we hit the jackpot, but we will happily take a foster family first if it means helping us find our forever family sooner.

I’m Daisy, and with me are my pals Patti, Arista, and Scruffy! We are looking for fosters because we all have heartworms. While heartworms is nothing to be scared of, a lot of people overlook us because it’s a scary term. Well we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to be! Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos which is why it’s so important to keep pets on heartworm preventative. We can’t give it other animals or people, only those good-for-nothin’ mosquitos can do that.

In the shelter system, many heartworm positive dogs don’t get a second chance at finding a forever family because of the cost of treatment and because some people think it’s something contagious. That’s what makes Texas Humane Heroes so great, they gave us and so many other heartworm positive dogs a chance and will even cover the treatment cost! In order to receive that treatment and finally be free of this pesky parasite, we are in need of a foster to help keep us calm and comfortable while the medicine does it’s work. You can foster during the treatment for 30 days or you can foster-to-adopt and make us an official part of the family after treatment!  

If you are unable to make us a permanent part of the family, fostering us for treatment will help us find our home sooner! Not having to say I have heartworms will make people less nervous about us and hopefully bring our perfect family to us sooner. You will help us find our forever.

We are four silly, sweet, playful, happy, shy, friendly, and most of all loving dogs you will ever meet.

Will you give us a chance at forever? How about 30 days?


Daisy, Patti, Arista, and Scruffy


Ready Fur Love
Ready Fur Love