Meet Bala!

Have you followed Bala’s story here at THH?


She was one of many dogs that were rescued from a very bad situation in April of 2012. Housed and transferred with her was a very similar looking female companion. When this more upbeat and outgoing dog found her forever home, it became obvious how much Bala had relied on that company and how little equipped she was to cope on her own.

Within the last couple of months formerly frightened & blotchy Miss Bala has developed into a proud & shining beauty. Now that she is out and about in the big world, she acquires all sorts of useful skills every day. She even mastered a lap on Town Lake one busy Sunday morning and lately can be met strutting through Home Depot or shopping doggie retail.


Bala loves to ride in the car and pretty much falls asleep (snoring loudly) as soon as the engine gets started. Whether you take her for a long hike or for a visit with friends, she is up for anything with contagious zest and always on her best behavior.

Bala does not give away her heart freely, but attaches very closely to the humans she trusts. As she still overcomes fear issues due to lack of early socialization she will look for direction and stay close to your side. Like so many mixed-breed dogs she is very quick to understand what you are asking for and so eager to please your wishes.  ‘Sit’, ‘stay’, ‘come’, ‘watch me’ and ‘don’t drag me down the trail’ are well knowns for this pretty lady.

Generally a quiet dog, she is able to produce the most amazing vocals, once she finds something interesting enough to report. Her utmost joy is to throw a fluffy toy for herself and make you laugh with her antics. Comedian would be her preferred job description, I guess.


After playtime or exercise she is happy to curl up on a pile of leaves in the yard and enjoy the sun on her coat. Bala is acquainted to use a doggie door and does well in the crate, when needed. She is 100% house trained and sleeps soundly 8-9 hours at night.

When it comes to doggie friends Bala gets along just fine with all shapes and sizes. She is respectful and tolerant with smaller dogs and friendly towards large breeds. Given a choice, she is more welcoming to dogs of the opposite gender and she will stand her ground when challenged by a female. With a competent guardian, Bala could be easily integrated into a multi-dog family. Towards felines Bala is pretty much indifferent. Though highly playful, she does not display lots of prey drive in general.

Recently Bala attended a 3-day training clinic, staying with two people and three other dogs all in one room and doing a great job of it! Amongst the sessions, she participated in pack dog training and got used to a pull harness. She seems to be born to hike and truly enjoys the company of other folks and their dogs.

If you should be looking for a canine couple, come on out and meet with Bala and her foster-side-kick Dr. Bill! These two remind me of Laurel and Hardy and one is rarely spotted far from the other. Both take appointments from Monday through Sunday. Call THH to connect and they’ll be wagging all over in anticipation of your visit.

Remember: Perfectly fine pre-owned dogs bear little surprises and come with a surplus in experience.

Watch a video about Bala here:

Be a hero…adopt! If you are interested in meeting Bala, please contact Kylie Saurage at