Meet the Fosters: Edgar, Allen, Po and Lenora!

Meet Edgar, Allen, Po and Lenora!

Edgar is the largest of his litter, and this feisty boy loves to play. When he is spending time with his siblings you can always catch him chewing on someone’s ear or tail. He loves to meet new people and is always calm and polite when doing so. Edgar is an adventurous puppy and is constantly on the lookout for trouble, and can often find himself in places that he was never meant to be. Edgar never backs down from a new opportunity, whether it be something potentially scary (taking a bath!) or something fun (going on a walk!). This little boy will keep you happy and will always be there for you, one step ahead, ready to take on the next adventure with you.

Allen is always trying to keep up with his bigger siblings. He loves to run around, chasing and playing with the other puppies! He will always find time to play, but would never miss his nap time either. A curious puppy, Allen is always looking at and sniffing new things, seeing what they are. He loves to be around others, never wanting to miss out on any of the action. Allen will be a friends for life, always the center of attention and the rascal who stole your heart.

The runt of the littler, Po always has a hard time keeping up. Often unable to play as rough as his siblings, he prefers to watch the action rather than partake. His favorite place to be is curled up in your arms with a nice toy, enjoying the love and petting rather than the roughhousing. This mellow fellow would love nothing better than to be loved and have a nice bed to sleep in. Po never misses out on a nap, always finding a way to get some extra winks in. This little fellow will always be there for a nice snuggle, just waiting for his next hug, your number one fan who will love you forever.

Lenora is a bouncing little ball of energy who will keep you on your toes with energy to spare. She will always find a way to keep playtime going. She shows her siblings that she is the boss around here, always sneaking up and pouncing on her brothers. After a long hard day of play, all tuckered out, Lenora loves nothing more than to curl up next to you, ready for bed. She is a wonderful friend and will keep you laughing and smiling with her never-ending quirks and silly smiles.

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