Meet the Fosters: Liv, London, Luther and Loki!

Meet Liv, London, Luther and Loki! These sweet kittens are currently in a foster home but will be returning to the adoption center soon and looking for their forever homes. They are a great bunch of kittens, both playful and cuddly. When the two girls from their foster family get home from school, the kittens come running to get in their pets and their playtime — they’re all very good with kids! They’re also all very sociable and love to meet new people.

These four kittens are used to the sounds of a home – washing machine, blow dryer, vacuum, etc. – and are great at using a scratching post and litter box.

Liv is a beautiful smoke-colored female kitten with long hair. She’s a sweet little fluff, and very playful and fun! She loves to come and cuddle up next to you to sleep.

London is an orange female who is very playful and adventurous. She’ll come greet you when you get home to let you know how much you’ve been missed!

Luther, an orange male, is the lover of the group. He loves to be held, kissed, petted and cuddled, and he’ll even give you kitty kisses back. He absolutely adores people and will chat with you in cat talk!

Loki is a black male who is very energetic and can’t get enough playtime. But when he’s finally worn himself out, he wants to sleep sitting next to his person.

These are a great bunch of kittens and will be ready for their forever homes soon. If you are interested in any of them, please contact Lindsey Thompson at

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Please note that this post is for information purposes and does not guarantee that these animals are yet or still available for adoption at Texas Humane Heroes. Please check the date of the post and call TXHH for further information on any of the animals.