Meet the Fosters: Liberty and Her Puppies

Meet Liberty and her puppies Somerset, Sierra, Frisco, Baltimore, McAllister and Tallahassee! Liberty is currently available for adoption at our Leander Adoption Center, and her pups will be ready to find their loving home in March!

Give me Liberty! Here is new momma and retriever mix Liberty, who has been in foster care with her pups and is now ready for her own forever family. She has already demonstrated herself to be a wonderful caregiver to her babies, as well as a sensitive sidekick to her human housemates.

Liberty is the embodiment of a true companion animal. She can tell when you don’t feel well and will lay down beside you and comfort you. At Texas Humane Heroes, we always talk about our adopters as “heroes” — those who give of themselves to make a wonderful life for homeless animals — but the animals can be heroes, too! Liberty can be your biggest fan, sharing in your triumphs and helping lift you up on your down days.

In addition to her sweet and earnest nature, Liberty has other terrific attributes. Gets along well with other dogs? Check. Comfortable around children? Check. Well behaved around cats? Check. (Although she should have a proper introduction before close encounters.) She is ready-made to blend in to whatever your household has in store.

Liberty is also easily trainable and has already learned to come when called (which she loves). She can also sit on command and is learning to stay when told. Liberty is house trained if she has access to the outside; otherwise just watch for signs that she needs to go out (setting her chin on your leg or pacing around the house). She can also roll over on her back and happens to love belly rubs!

What about walking on a leash? Liberty gets gold stars for that, too. Similar to her other behaviors, Liberty responds well on walks to the desires and directions of her human companions and is great on a leash.

Liberty is a good protector, too. She has been a good momma to her pups and has proven herself to be an alert watchdog with a clean “no nonsense” bark only when necessary.

Are you ready to make a deep and lasting bond with an eager-to-please and loving pet? Do you want a friend who takes interest in whatever you are doing and loves you unconditionally? Choose Liberty!

Be a hero…adopt Liberty!


Please note that this post is for information purposes and does not guarantee that these animals are yet or still available for adoption at Texas Humane Heroes. Please check the date of the post and call TXHH for further information on any of the animals.