Meet the Harry Potter kitten litter!

Please note that this post is for information purposes and does not guarantee that these animals are yet or still available for adoption at HSWC. Please check the date of the post and call HSWC for further information on any of the animals.

Luna is swatting off the paparazzi in her picture below. She does not like photos of her unkept hairdo which appears to be her constant state. She is the runt of the litter – she is a very dainty lady!

Weasley is the only boy with 3 sisters. He is the orange one. He has a fun personality. He wants to be the center of attention and loves a good wrestle.

Harriet (gold and black) may look quaint but she eats like a pig (see the photo for confirmation). She is the biggest kitten. She loves to purr.

Little Ginevra is the smartest of the lot and so sweet. She has the patch of orange on her face. She was the first to catch on to the litter box idea.

Each kitty will take an eye out and bite on his/her siblings at food time so they are not as sweet as they look 🙂 Please check back for more updates as their personalities emerge!

If you are interested in any of these kitties, please email Lindsey Thompson at Be a hero…adopt!

More photos of the kittens behind the cut: