HSWC Heroes: Summer & the Harris Family


Featured Hero: 1st Quarter 2013
Adoption Date: April 2012

Their Story: The people that had overlooked adopting Summer really really messed up!  She became a part of our home on Sunday afternoon on April 29th. Summer ran around the house getting to know our smells & then settled down 1st with Betty and later with me as we watched TV. At bedtime, she went to the dog bed like she knew it was hers all along.  Later in the evening as we slept, she jumped up on the bed with us.  I rolled over to pet her and she was already asleep on her back, just sleeping away.  Just before morning she crawled under the bedspread just like our old jack russell terriers did and went back to sleep.  But she had only been in our house for less that 8 hours! Just like the book “Acres of Diamonds”, you never know what you are missing by overlooking the obvious!

Thanks for being there to save this precious dog for us, even though you had no idea who we were or that we were ever going to visit your shelter.